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UFS Student Portal: The UFS ( University of the Free State) student portal is an online platform designed to offer students access to various academic and administrative services. Within the UFS student portal, Candidates can retrieve academic records, enroll in courses, check timetables, and submit assignments. Furthermore, they can engage in communication with lecturers and classmates, as well as explore a diverse range of additional resources and services.

How to access the UFS Student Portal off-campus

To access the UFS ( University of the Free State ) student portal off-campus, follow these general steps. Keep in mind that specific details may vary, so it’s advisable to refer to the official university website or contact the university’s IT support for accurate information:

  1. Internet Connection: Ensure that you have a stable and reliable internet connection. Connect to Wi-Fi or use mobile data on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  2. Web Browser: Open your preferred web browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) on your device.
  3. UFS Student Portal URL: Enter the specific URL for the UFS student portal into the address bar of your web browser. This URL is typically provided by the university’s official website or IT department. If you don’t have this information, check the official university website or contact the IT support for assistance.
  4. Login Credentials: Enter your login credentials, including your username and password, on the login page of the UFS student portal. Ensure that the information is accurate for successful access.
  5. Authentication (if required): Some institutions implement additional security measures, such as two-factor authentication. Follow any provided instructions or prompts to complete the authentication process.
  6. Navigate the Portal: Once logged in, explore the portal to access various academic and administrative services. This may include checking academic records, course registration, timetable viewing, assignment submission, and communication with professors and peers.
  7. Logout: Always remember to log out of your University of the Free State student portal account, especially when using shared or public devices, to protect the security of your information.

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UFS Student Portal Contact Details

University of the Free State
205 Nelson Mandela Drive
Park West
University of the Free State
PO Box 339
Bloemfontein 9300
South Africa
Contact Tel Email Division
Call Centre +27 51 401 9111 Communication and Marketing
Student Service Call Centre (Student Numbers, Application Status, Admissions for Specific Programmes, and Registration)
+27 51 401 9111  studentadmin@ufs.ac.za
Visitors Centre +27 51 401 7766 visitorscentre@ufs.ac.za Communication and Marketing
KovsieGear +27 51 401 3415 kovsiegear@ufs.ac.za Communication and Marketing
Prospective Students
Marieta Landman
+27 51 401 3000|+27 51 401 9288 info@ufs.ac.za Student Recruitment Services
International Students
Jeanne Niemann
+27 51 401 3219 niemannaja@ufs.ac.za Office for International Affairs (OIA)
Student Affairs  StudentsED@ufs.ac.za Student Affairs
Vanisher KhethaMonica Naidoo
+27 51 401 3455
(Male Residences)
+27 51 401 3562
(Female Residences)
vkhetha@ufs.ac.zanaidoom@ufs.ac.za Housing and Residence
Student Finance
(Tuition Fees)
+27 51 401 3003
+27 51 401 2806
+27 51 401 2817
+27 51 401 9090
+27 51 401 9670
Bloemfontein Campus:
tuitionfees@ufs.ac.zaQwaqwa Campus:
Student Finance
(See website above for additional contacts, banking details, and the latest Finance Yearbook.
More Information regarding Student Numbers, Application Status, Admissions for Specific Programmes, and Registration
Student Service Call Centre +27 51 401 9111 studentadmin@ufs.ac.za Student Academic Services
Emergency Numbers
Bloemfontein Campus 0800 204 682
Duty Room (24 hours) +27 51 401 2634
+27 51 401 2911
South Campus 0800 204 682
Qwaqwa Campus +27 58 718 5175
+27 58 718 5043
Ambulance 10177
Police Flying Squad 10111
Aids Helpline 0800 012 322
Media | Website
Lacea Loader:
Media enquiries
+27 51 401 3422 news@ufs.ac.za Communication and Marketing
ICT Services
Service Desk +27 51 401 2000
+27 51 401 2442
servicedesk@ufs.ac.za ICT Services
Log support request by emailing servicedesk@ufs.ac.za or signing in to SolveIT with your campus credentials (username and password)
alumni@ufs.ac.za Kovsie Alumni

If you encounter any difficulties or have specific questions about accessing the UFS student portal off-campus, it is recommended to contact the university’s IT support for accurate and personalized assistance.