How Much do SAPS Interns Get Paid?

How Much do SAPS Interns Get Paid
How Much do SAPS Interns Get Paid

How Much do SAPS Interns Get Paid? Understanding SAPS Police Salaries in South Africa: A Comprehensive Guide

How Much do SAPS Interns Get Paid?: Embarking on a career as a South African Police Service (SAPS) officer is a noble endeavor, marked not only by a commitment to public safety but also by a competitive compensation package. If you’re considering joining this esteemed profession, understanding the salary structure is crucial. This guide breaks down the SAPS salaries, factors influencing them, and provides a comparative overview.

SAPS Salary Range:

SAPS officers in South Africa experience a varied salary range, spanning from a minimum of R8,550 to a maximum of R29,600 per month. This figure doesn’t include legally mandated bonuses or deductions and may fluctuate based on skills, expertise, educational background, and the assigned reporting station.

How Much do SAPS Interns Get Paid? Percentile Breakdown:

Approximately half of the SAPS workforce earns around R17,800, with the 25th percentile at R14,300 and the 75th percentile at R20,500. This distribution indicates a prevalence of higher-paying positions within the police department.

How Much do SAPS Interns Get Paid- Fringe Benefits:

Beyond the monthly salary, SAPS officers enjoy additional fringe benefits, including housing, transport, rent allowances, and medical insurance. The extent of these benefits depends on factors such as skills, gender, experience, and reporting station.

How Much do SAPS Interns Get Paid with the USA:

Comparatively, an average police officer in the USA earns $55,023 annually, translating to approximately $26.45 per hour. While SAPS officers receive a monthly salary, their American counterparts are paid biweekly.

Professional Responsibilities:

SAPS officers play a crucial role in maintaining community safety, preventing security threats, investigating crimes, ensuring justice is served, and collaborating in investigations with other departments.

Factors Influencing SAPS Salaries: How Much do SAPS Interns Get Paid?


  • High-School Certificate: R11,100
  • Certificate/Diploma: R17,400
  • Bachelor’s Degree: R29,100

Level of Experience:

  • Less than 2 Years: R9,710
  • 2-5 Years: R13,000
  • 5-10 Years: R19,200
  • 10-15 Years: R23,400
  • 15-20 Years: R25,500
  • More than 20 Years: R27,600

Public vs. Private Sector:

  • Public Sector: R32,400 (7% increase)
  • Private Sector: R30,400


  • Male: R19,600 (12% increase)
  • Female: R17,600 (12% decrease)

City of Allocation:

  • Bloemfontein: R17,900
  • Cape Town: R20,900
  • Durban: R20,000
  • Johannesburg: R19,300
  • Port Elizabeth: R18,400
  • Pretoria: R19,000


  • Average Monthly Salary: R18,600
  • Average Hourly Salary: R110
  • Degree Requirement: High school diploma; higher qualifications yield higher pay.
  • Public vs. Private Sector: Public sector officers earn 7% more.
  • Gender Pay Gap: Males earn 8% more than females.
  • Lowest Salary: R8,550 per month.
  • Average Salary in the USA: $55,032 per year.

Conclusion: Becoming a SAPS officer offers not only a fulfilling career but also competitive financial rewards and fringe benefits. Aspiring individuals should consider the various factors influencing salaries to make informed decisions about pursuing this esteemed profession in South Africa.

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